Local's guide to the 20 best lavender fields in Oregon 2022

Lavender fields in Oregon are blooming soon again! Did you believe that the endless, purple blooming carpets of lavender can only be found in France and the most beautiful lavender fields are located in Valensole? That’s only half the truth! The purple herbs don’t only grow in Europe, but also in the US. And Oregon is filled with purple lavender fields and farms in July.

The PNW provides the perfect climate for all kinds of flowers. Tulips, dahlias, peonies. even wine and herbs. Lavender grows extremely well in Oregon and you can find many lavender fields in Oregon and Washington State.

Lavender fields in Oregon

Some lavender farms are located near Portland, other lavender fields are spread out to Hood River and the Tualatin Valley. In this guide, you’ll find lavender fields near you and I’ll unravel the lavender farm with majestic views of Mt. Hood.

Most beautiful lavender fields in Oregon

Around 20 lavender farms, producing essential oil for soaps, lotions, etc. are located near Portland, Oregon. You can stop by the lavender farms of Hillsboro, Willamette, and Tualatin Valley to buy lavender plants or u-cut your own bouquet.

The most beautiful lavender fields though are located a bit further away from the city: 50 miles / 80 km East in the Hood River Valley. If you don’t mind driving a bit longer the Hood River Lavender Farm and Lavender Valley will not only reward you with a carpet of purple shades.

lavender field in Oregon with snow-capped Mount Hood in the distance
Lavender Valley Farm with a backdrop of Mt. Hood

#1 Lavender Valley Oregon – views of Mt. Hood

Lavender Valley is THE lavender farm in Oregon most famous for the majestic view of Mount Hood in the backdrop. The mountain’s peak is snow-capped until summer, which makes the scenery even more iconic. The drive along the Columbia River Gorge is worth it, no matter the final destination.

What can you find at Lavender Valley?

Lavender Valley offers U-pick flowers, picnic options, and classes on how to harvest different varieties of lavender, how to distill essential oil, and make the botanical products right on the farm.

One of the most beautiful lavender fields in Oregon: Lavender Valley
Walking through the lavender field at Lavender Valley

#2 Hood River Lavender Farms

The 14-year-old Lavender farm grows over 80 varieties of lavender, steam distills their lavender to produce pure fine essential oil to manufacture bath and beauty products, including handmade lavender soap, aromatherapy items, lavender culinary products, tea, and decorative, dried lavender flowers. Hood River Lavender Farms also hosts the annual Lavender DAZE Festival in mid-July.

#3 Wayward Winds Lavender

Wayward Winds Lavender is the largest U-pick lavender farm in Oregon. It’s located in the Oregon Wine Country, only half an hour Southwest of Portland.

It’s one of the most lovely lavender Farms in Oregon to visit especially if you want to take some great lavender pictures. Their farm stand, vintage furniture, and oldtimer + the lavender maze are great motifs. For professional photoshoots, you can book an appointment ($50 venue fee / 2-3 hours).

Wayward Winds Lavender also offers lavender wreath workshops.

Wayward Winds Lavender Farm Oregon
Vintage furniture & an oldtimer make the perfect motif at Wayward Winds Lavender
U-Pick lavender in Oregon
orange farmstand at Wayward Winds Lavender

Lavender fields & farms near Portland (4-10)

  1. Mountainside Lavender, HillsboroU-pick lavender farm open daily 9 am -5 pm – June, 11th through the end of July 2022
  2. Durant at Red Ridge Farms, Dayton – lavender field with 14+ varieties of lavender open June through July. They offer a lavender herb workshop on June 25th, 2022
  3. Pleasantdale Acres, Dayton – family farm experiences, crafts, natural paths, and all things lavender by appointment
  4. Carriage House Lavender, Sherwood – lavender farm tours, lavender wreath making workshop & annual lavender festival July 9th & 10th 2022
  5. Barn Owl Nursery, Wilsonville – nursery & gift shop open by appointment
  6. Eagle Creek Lavender, Eagle Greek – open by appointment for U-cut & lavender products
  7. Raven Croft, Mulinolavender farm open on weekends in June and July
Lavender fields in Oregon
Aerial shot of purple lavender fields in Oregon

Lavender fields near Bend (11-13)

  1. Cascade Lavender, MadrasU-pick, plant nursery & lavender shop open mid June – Mid August, Thursday – Saturday: 10am-5pm + Sunday: 12pm-4pm
  2. Still Waters Lavender, Redmond
  3. McKenzie River Lavender, Springfieldlavender farm open by appointment only, Lavender Bloom Festival July 8th – 10th 2022, 10 am – 5 pm
sitting in a purple lavender field in Oregon

Lavender farms in Southern Oregon (14-20)

  1. Growing Miracles Lavender Garden, Roseburglavender farm open by appointment
  2. Lavender Ally, Roque Riverlavender farm & shop
  3. Lavender Fields Forever, Jacksonvillelavender farm opens June 17th, 2022, lavender festival weekends: June 24th – 26th & July 15th -17th 2022
  4. Kingfisher Farms, Jacksonville – newly established agribusiness with lavender coming to the farm in summer 2022
  5. The English Lavender Farm, Applegatelavender farm opens June 10th, 2022
  6. Pelindaba Lavender, Ashlandlavender farm open May through October
  7. Dos Mariposas, Medford – Vineyards and lavender farm

Map of Oregon Lavender fields

Wondering where the best lavender fields in Oregon are located and on which farms the lavender festivals are celebrated? Dive into this map for Lavender fields in Oregon, farm and festival locations.

Trip map created using Wanderlog, a travel planner for iOS and Android

When is lavender season in Oregon?

Lavender blooms in summer and the peak bloom varies on the weather conditions. Most lavender farms in Oregon are open in June and July and have lavender festivals coming up in mid-July to celebrate the purple herbs. This is the best time to visit Oregon’s lavender farms.

Sometimes the bloom lasts until August. It’s easiest to check the farm’s websites for opening hours, U-Cut times, and festival dates. Or head to Lavender Northwest to check out their Destination Guide.

lavender fields in Oregon
Lavender Valley in August 2019

Lavender festivals Oregon 2022

Oregon lavender festivals are back in 2022! Due to the pandemic, most Oregon lavender farms didn’t celebrate their lavender festivals in 2020 and 2021. But this year, many farms are welcoming back visitors to celebrate their annual lavender festivals in June and July:

  • Southern Oregon Lavender Trail: Lavender festival weekends: June 25-27, July 16-18
  • Lavender Fields Forever annual lavender festivals (Jacksonville, Southern Oregon): June 24-26  & July 15-17, 2022
  • The English Lavender Farm annual festival (Applegate, Southern Oregon): June 24-26 & July 15-17, 2022
  • Lavender Daze Festival 2022 (Hood River Lavender Farms): First 4 weekends in July (July 1-3, July 8-10, July 15-17, July 22-24)
  • McKenzie River Lavender Festival (Springfield, Central Oregon): July 8-10, 2022
  • Annual Carriage House Lavender Festival (Sherwood, Willamette Valley): July 9-10, 2022
  • 17th Willamette Valley Lavender Festival, Chehalem Cultural Center, Newberg – July 9th & 10th 2022
relaxing at a lavender farm with spectacular mountain views
Relaxing at Lavender Valley Oregon

If you don’t fancy the celebrations and want to take some pictures, I recommend planning your visit during the week. I went to Lavender Valley in August last year and was surprised to find the location so lonesome. Probably a combination of being late in the season, coming on a weekday, and driving to the lavender field furthest away from Portland (around 50 miles / 80 km). So worth it!

Lavender fields photography

Most lavender farms in Oregon close around 5 pm. If you want to visit the lavender fields to shoot during golden hour, you most likely need to book a lavender photoshoot.

Lavender Valley even offers photography classes for photographers and interested visitors. The downside: It costs up to 100$ per hour and sometimes requires a minimum of 2 hours. So, taking professional puíctures at Oregon’s lavender farms can get pricy. Make sure to check with the lavender farm on price, conditions, and availability before driving there to avoid disappointment.

Wayward Winds Lavender Farm has offers the best photoshoot prize options:

  • $50 per 2-3 hour session OR
  • $30 per client if 3 or more consecutive mini sessions (1 hour) on the same day (min. $90 per day)
lavender fields photography and photoshootings in lavender fields: act responsibly
Be careful while walking through lavender fields – bees are everywhere!

Lavender field etiquette

  1. Most important: Watch out for the bees! They love the sweet nectar as much as we love the purple color of lavender. So be extremely careful, especially when walking through the narrow paths in between the lavender rows. Think twice about what shoes to wear!
  2. Act responsively and respectfully with the plants. Don’t step on them or walk, jump between the rows.
  3. Bring sun protection and water. It can get really warm in Oregon in summer. Don’t underestimate the sun when spending time walking through the lavender fields.
  4. And of course, leave no trace!

Everyone, who plans ahead and respects the farm rules will have fun in the purple lavender fields in Oregon.

lavender fields in Oregon: Hood River Lavender und Lavender Valley
Lavender Valley with snow-capped Mt. Hood in the distance

What to get at a lavender farm in Oregon?

When visiting a lavender field in Oregon, you can expect to find rows of violet lavender. Stroll around, take some pictures or join a farm tour.

Most of the lavender farms have little shops where they sell hand-made lavender-scented products like soaps, candles, essential oils, lotions, as well as decoration and sometimes homemade snacks and drinks. Think about lavender lemonade, ice cream, or pastries.

farmstand at Wayward Winds Lavender Oregon
Farmstand at Wayward Winds Lavender Farm

Some lavender farms in Oregon only open via appointments and sell their products in local shops, and on farmer’s markets. So, make sure to check the opening hours of the lavender farm you are headed to.

Some Oregon lavender farms even offer creative activities like lavender wreath workshops.

The most popular activity when visiting a lavender farm in Oregon though is to cut your own lavender bouquet to take home. U-Cut options and prices vary from farm to farm.

U-cut lavender in Oregon
U-Cut lavender at Wayward Wind Lavender Farm

More flower fields in Oregon

It’s not only about lavender fields in Oregon. The entire summer in the Pacific Northwest is very colorful. Tulips, dahlias, peonies, wildflowers, and sunflowers turn the entire Pacific Northwest into a carpet of flowers between April and September. In this article, you’ll find detailed information about the blooming season, flower farms + locations in Oregon as well as festival dates:

Up for hitting the trails? Then check out my article about:



Have you ever been to Oregon and were looking for colorful flower fields like tulips, lavender, or sunflowers? Leave me a comment! Do you like the article, or still have any suggestions, feedback, or recommendations? Feel free to share this article with your friends!



Lavender fields in Oregon

Lavender fields near Portland Oregon

Lavender Festivals Oregon

Oregon lavender fields + festivals 2022



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  1. Beautiful post, I never knew that there is a lavender field in Oregon, I always wanted to visit one. Looking forward to do so

    1. I wasn’t aware neither. I guess there are many more fields out there. We just don’t know about them. Probably growing in other US states, Europe and other parts of the world as well.

  2. This post is stunning! Who knew you could find these fields in Oregon!? I love the ettiquette section, especially in reference to the bees, good idea!

    1. Thanks so much Katy! Yeah, I found it important to say something about the etiquette as well, because I think sometimes people don’t switch on their brain when walking in beautiful flower fields. Unfortunately we all have seen colorful flower fields being destroyed by people not acting responsibly. And the fact that you could get stung is also something you should definitely think about.

    1. Thanks so much Kriszti!
      Oregon seems to be underrated in quite a few points actually. The state is so diverse! Really enjoy living here.

  3. This place is so dreamy!! I see more and more lavender fields spots other than Valensole and I think that’s so cool to discover new ones! Especially with such a view! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. So true!
      It’s funny and scary at the same time that we only think of places we’ve seen online before. I assume there are many more locations around the world where lavender grows naturally. Valensole is definitely one of those Insta places.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Léa!

  4. Awesome place! I always love visiting flower farms. I have an experience with lavenders too in Taiwan but that was incomparable to this huge fields! <3

    1. Oh yeah, Taiwan must have many beautiful places as well. The clima is perfect for flowers to grow. Actually this farm isn’t that huge neither. But it’s indeed gorgeous.

    1. Thanks so much Kirsten! Yeah the color and the smell is really nice. Glad to hear you’ve able to visit some lavender fields in Canada, too!

  5. Wow! Your photos are STUNNING! I can just imagine walking in the fields and smelling the lavender! $100 for a photo session sounds a bit much, were you able to bring your own photographer/camera?

    1. Hi Katy, thanks so much!
      Yeah $100 is quite a lot. I went with my camera during their normal opening hours. Then you can take pictures just as you like. The extra fee is for entering after closure for golden hour. I was lucky enough to find the farm not crowded at all and I am pretty happy how the pictures turned put as well.

    1. Thanks Cass! I assume lavender grows in many more places we aren’t aware of. It’s always worth doing a bit of research to find spots closeby.

  6. Wow, seriously epic location! Lavender fields with the view of Mount Hood. I have heard of these fields and hope to see them one of these days. We have a few of these lavender farms here in Idaho, but not quite as grand. Thanks for the info.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Michelle!
      You should definitely check out the area around Mount Hood, it’s so much to explore around here. I am actually looking very much forward to exploring Idaho. Haven’t got the chance yet besides a short stop at Hell’s Canyon lately.

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