How to enjoy Oregon's rainy season with dry feet - Vessi review
Vessi product review

After a long, cold, and wet winter, spring has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest. If you know a little about the PNW, you know this means the rainy season is here. The perfect time for chasing waterfalls, enjoying the lush meadows, mossy forests, and colorful wildflower season in Oregon and Washington State.

When I moved to Portland in 2019, I was told that summers in the Pacific Northwest only start after July 4th, and for the last two years this has been so true. While I’m very much looking forward to snow-free trails, blue skies, and warm temperatures, I know that I need to be patient still.

2 things I’ve learned from 4 springs living in Portland:

  1. With adapting your clothing to Oregon’s rain showers and muddy trails, spring in the Pacific Northwest means a lot of fun!
  2. The best time to enjoy the roaring waterfalls of the Columbia River Gorge, the 363 miles long Oregon Coast, and the city of Portland, is before the summer season actually hits and attracts crowds from across the country.

So let me introduce you to some of my favorite places in Oregon and tips on how to explore those without getting your feet wet and your fingers cold.

Disclaimer: I received the Vessis shown in this article in exchange for this review. I’ve tested them in snow, rain, the beach, on trails, in the city, and while traveling in order to provide you with this detailed review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

This blog post contains some affiliate links, which means I get a small commission if you make a purchase – at no extra cost to you! This way, I can keep producing comprehensive blog posts, free guides, and travel resources for my readers. Learn more about my affiliate policy here. Thank you for the support!

Hike 10 waterfalls in 1 day without getting your feet wet

If you’re living in or visiting Oregon in spring, chasing waterfalls is a must! One of the best waterfall hikes in the state is located at Silver Falls State Park in the Willamette Valley. Why? Because you can see 10 waterfalls on only one trail.

The Trail of 10 Falls is a super popular destination. But let me tell you something: Don’t wait until summer, when visitors from across the state flock to Silver Falls State Park! Spring is the best season to enjoy the roaring falls and if you come in winter, you might even find the waterfalls layered with snow.

drone shot of Silver State Falls Oregon in winter
Wintery North Falls from above – Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Silver Falls State Park trail review in Vessis

I hiked the Trail of 10 Falls in February on snowy trails and it was truly magical and got surprised by even more snow while walking. But fortunately, didn’t get my feet wet or cold.

My newly ordered Vessi Stormburst and Weekend Chelsea boots had just arrived. So I took it as a chance to try them out on the trail. Arriving at Silver Falls State Park, it had just started to snow again and honestly speaking I was a bit nervous because the Stormburst boots – like all Vessi shoes – are made out of breathable knit.  So even if they were holding back water, would my feet stay warm as well? And do they have enough grip and coverage compared to my other outdoor boots? A little spoiler: They did a great job, but keep on reading!

Hiking on snow wearing Vessi Stormburst boots
Hiking through the snow in Vessi Stormburst boots
Vessi Stormburst Boreal Green and waterproof cloves
For warm feet and hands, combine Vessi boots with waterproof gloves.

The first waterfall you get to see when staring at the trail at the parking lot is South Falls. This waterfall is the most popular on the entire trail as it can be reached via a short stroll from the parking lot AND: you can walk behind the waterfall. Definitely the first test for my new Vessi shoes and gloves!

Continuing the trail clockwise will take you to

  1. South Falls
  2. Lower South Falls
  3. Lower North Falls
  4. Double Falls
  5. Drake Falls
  6. Middle North Falls
  7. Twin Falls
  8. North Falls
  9. Upper North Falls
  10. Winter Falls

All range between 27 feet and 178 feet, and 4 of them you can even walk behind.

North Falls Trailhead Silver Falls State Park
You can either start hiking at the South Falls Trailhead or the North Falls Trailhead.

As this trail is located in an official Oregon State Park, the trail is well maintained and there are plenty of benches to sit on and rest.

Siler Falls State Park map
Trail map of Silver Falls State Park, Oregon

Trail of 10 Falls – Trail stats

  • Distance: 7.4 miles / 12 km
  • Elevation: 1,151 ft / 350 m
  • Duration: 3.5 – 4hrs
  • Trail type: loop trail
  • Difficulty: easy to moderate
  • Location: Silver Falls State Park, Siuslaw National Forest near Salem
  • Parking/fee: Oregon State Parks Pass

How did the Trail of 10 Falls go in my new Vessi Stormburst?

Vessi advertises all their shoes as 100% waterproof. So I really had to test them. Because what probably first comes to your mind: How can a shoe be 100% waterproof and still don’t make your feet feel sweaty like a sauna?

Vessi says they developed a patented knit material with an integrated layer that allows the sweat and heat escape so your feet can breathe, but still keep all the elements out.

And what can I say, they did deliver! I’m astonished that they didn’t let a drop through, not even as I put my feet directly into the running water. At the same time, I didn’t feel my feet were sweaty at all. And after the hike? Just put on my Weekend Chelseas and off we went to have dinner.

Switching between Vessi Stormburst and Weekend Chelsea boots
Changing from my Vessi Stormburst into my Chelsea Weekend boots after hiking.

Chasing waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge – Vessi review

Another great destination to chase multiple waterfalls in only one day is the Columbia River Gorge. It is not only home to Oregon’s tallest waterfall, Multnomah Falls. More than 90 waterfalls plunge into the gorge on the Oregon side alone. Some require you to hike for a couple of miles. A short stroll takes you to others. Some even are beautiful roadside stops.

Multnomah Falls in winter
Multnomah Falls, Oregon’s tallest waterfall, covered in patches of snow after a winter recent winter storm.

One of my favorite hikes is Latourell Falls, just 25 minutes from Portland. This waterfall looks so Icelandic to me and I’d definitely recommend you hike the 2.9 mi / 4,65 km long loop trail.

If you don’t have the time, you can also stop at Horseshoe Falls. In my opinion the best waterfall roadside stop along the Historic Columbia River Highway.

I had so much fun taking pictures here that I totally forgot the time. No wonder: My feet were warm and dry, even after wading through water several times, to get this selfie. Yes, everything for the gram… 😉

Photographing waterfalls on phone while wearing Vessi waterproof cloves
Mobile shots aren’t a big deal when your fingers are dry and warm.

My hands stayed warm, too as I wore my Vessi waterproof gloves the entire time. Thanks to their tech-friendly finger pads and palm grips I didn’t have to take them off, even while taking pictures with my phone in between.

Explore the Oregon Coast in my Vessi Weekend Chelsea boots

363 miles of sandy beaches, little coves, and mossy forests – the Oregon Coast is one of Oregon’s 7 Wonders for good reason. It’s my happy place and a destination I recommend to everyone who visiting Oregon. Especially winter and spring are great months to visit the Oregon Coast due to the few people, mild temperatures, soft light, and whale-watching season.

Cape Perpetua , Küste Oregon
Cape Perpetua, Central Oregon Coast

Even when traveling to the Oregon Coast in summer, be prepared: Rain showers are common and in summer the temperatures often are 20-30 ° Fahrenheit below temperatures in Portland. A rain jacket is a must and so are waterproof shoes, no matter the time of the year!

The waves can be sneaky and considering the fast-changing weather on the coast, I can totally see why people walk either barefoot or in rubber boots. But honestly speaking, I’m super grateful that I don’t have to choose either option…

Vessi Chelsea weekend boots at the beach
My Vessi Weekend Chelsea Asphalt Black On Blackare doing great on the beach.

Since I got my Vessi shoes, exploring the Oregon Coast is even more fun. Waves might catch me and my feet are still dry and warm. Tide pooling, finding hidden waterfalls, or extensive strolls on the beach are just so much more joyful when you don’t have to think about every single step and how to not get your feet into the water.

Review of my Vessi Stormburst & Weekend Chelsea boots

  • Comfort level
  • Warmth level
  • Trail approved
  • Waterfall approved
  • Coast approved

Are Vessi shoes worth the hype?

With these shoes, you can 100% embrace the rain in the Pacific Northwest and enjoy the wet spring season to another level.

Are Vessi shoes worth the money?

Disclaimer: I received the Vessis shown in this article in exchange for this review.

I understand that the prize of $160 USD for the Weekend Chelsea boots, $180 USD for the Stormburst boots, and $58 USD for a pair of waterproof knit gloves sounds pricy at first glance. But think about it: Every brand that creates shoes with functionality will ask for a certain amount of money and the Vessis are comfortable, functional, and great-looking.

I have only started to wear my Vessis this past winter season and cannot speak much about their durability. But honestly, I’m living in my Weekend Chealseas and Stormbursts currently and I don’t have the feeling they will fall apart soon or earlier than other outdoor footwear I owned.

So, are Vessi shoes worth the money? I’d say yes!

Vessi sizing

Thinking of buying your own Vessis and not sure about the size? As all Vessis come in full sizes, I recommend you to size up, especially for the Stormburst as you might want to wear thicker hiking socks in them. For the Chelseas: Size down half a size, because you want them to fit nicely.

I typically wear a US 7.5 and ordered my Stormbursts in 8 and my Weekend Chelseas in 7 and both fit perfectly.

Talking about fitting: I had no problem fitting my microspikes over my Stormburst hiking boots, which made it even easier walking on icy trails in Canada.

Crampons on Vessi Stormburst
Wearing crampons over my Vessi boots to walk on icy trails.

6 more reasons why I love Vessi

#1 Sustainability

Each pair is made with 30% less water, 600% less energy consumption, and less material trim waste by 97% in comparison to conventional practices. This is what they promise on their website.

Furthermore, Vessis are 100% vegan.

#2 Style & functionality

I really love the subtle and plain style of my Vessis. I’m wearing both shoes and never felt over- or underdressed for different occasions. The Stormbursts work great on trails, but I’m wearing it in the city as well. They don’t look like heavy hiking boots, but rather angle-high sneakers easy to combine with casual street clothes.

Vessi Stormburst Boreal Green under waterfall
My Vessi Stormburst Boreal Green after chasing several waterfalls in the Columbia River Gorge.

The Weekend Chelseas are so easy to wear and style. They work great for me during urban explorations, a quick stroll to the grocery store, or on a night out.

#3 Travel essential

Honestly, I’ve been living in my Chelsea boots for the last weeks, even wore them on the plane when traveling to Germany, because they are just so comfortable and super easy to slip on and off. This helps at the security checks and on the plane. Furthermore, they are extremely lightweight, ultra comfortable, and easy to style.

When traveling to Canada in April I only took 2 pairs of shoes: my Vessis. The reason was not the fact that Vessi is a Canadian company. 😉 My Vessi Chelsea Boots were perfect to explore the cities, drive the car and even wear them for dinner in fancy restaurants. They are super subtle and easy to style. Combined with a dress they look super neat and no one would ever think they are super functional. My Stormbursts took me on trails, on wildlife tours and every time I felt like we are going to walk in nature for a while.

#4 Easy to clean

I ordered my Stormbursts in Boreal Green. Cleaning them is part of the routine of wearing them, especially on Oregon’s muddy trails or the sandy beaches of the Oregon Coast.

I really love that you just run the shoes under warm water and gently scrub the knit with mild detergent to clean them. The best part: Also during cleaning, no water comes inside and they air dry super quickly.

Vessi shoes clean instructions
Every Vessi product comes with a cleaning guide.

#5 365-Day guarantee

Vessi gives you one year warranty on any manufacturer defects.

#6 Free shipping

Standard shipping is free for all orders over $80 and if you change your mind, you’ve got 90 days to return your order.

Curious and want to try out Vessi yourself?

You can order Vessi online. If you order through my link you will receive a free gift with your purchase!

Here’s what I got:



Have you ever been to the Pacific Northwest and gone chasing waterfalls? Do you like the article, and have suggestions, feedback, or recommendations? Leave me a comment and please feel free to share this article with your friends!



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