Getaway Portland: Glamping in the woods of the Pacific Northwest

Who doesn’t want to get away from the ordinary, hectic daily routine and take a break from the city, technology and work from time to time? How does it sound to escape to a tiny cabin in the woods, surrounded only by nature, fresh air and your loved ones? Getaway Portland offers you exactly this opportunity to explore the Pacific Northwest from a cozy base, where you can disconnect and recharge at the same time.

Especially in uncertain and stressful times like these I found a lot of relief in the woods recently. Packing the car, driving somewhere remote and just sleep in the middle of nowhere has become a very welcome routine to unplug and recharge my batteries over the last couple of weeks. I love being outdoors surrounded by nature and enjoying benefits like total flexibility and mobility of sleeping in our car or tent, waking up to the sound of birds and watching the first sunrays lighten up the trees. But who wouldn’t like the idea of relaxing in the woods and at the same time enjoying all amenities that a cozy cabin brings? For sure it made me feel really excited about this concept.

Getaway Portland Glamping

What is the Getaway House all about?

Getaway House is a pretty smart glamping concept of fully-equipped tiny cabins in the woods, where you can unplug and disconnect from everything distracting around you. As dispersed camping and roadtripping can come along with some efforts from time to time – glamping is a trend that doesn’t only attract well-equipped happy campers, but also brings inexperienced urban kids closer to nature. For everyone who is looking for a stylish experience in the woods the tiny Getaway cabins come in super handy: At Getaway House you get a taste of the great outdoors without the hassle and stress of finding a camping spot, pitching your tent and cooking outdoors while being attacked by mosquitos. The intimate hidaways are nestled in nature. Even though other guests are around, the Getaway cabins are far enough apart from each other so that you won’t be bothered by your neighbours presence or noise. No matter if you are looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, a weekend getaway with your friends or an adventure in the woods with your family or furry friend(s). Getaway House got you covered.

Getaway Mount Adams bird's eye view
Getaway House panorama window
Getaway Portland drone shot

Starting points and destinations

Getaway House is an expanding concept of allowing people to disconnect and bring them closer to nature across the US. They offer 12 so called Getaway “Outposts” across the country. Each Getaway can be reached within 2 hours by car from the respective major city you make your booking for, so the Getaway promise.

Getaway House Pacific Northwest

Currently there are 12 Getaways available in close range to the following US-cities:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Austin + San Antonio, Texas
  • Boston, Massachusettes
  • Charlotte + Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Houston, Texas
  • Los Angeles, California
  • New York City (2 Outposts)
  • Pittsburgh-Cleveland, Pensylvania, Ohio
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Washington DC

Weekend Getaway from Portland, Oregon

Getting away from Portland takes you to Getaway Mount Adams, the only Getaway in the Pacific Northwest. The Outpost is located in Giffort Pinchot National Forest, 100 miles/160 km Northeast of Portland. It might sound a bit irritating at first that the Getaway to escape Portland isn’t located in the state of Oregon, but the adjacent Washington State. However looking more closely on the map you’ll realize that even though Portland’s Getaway is located in another state, it’ll still take you 2 hours max. to reach it. Altogether 40 tiny cabins are nestled in nature (30 cabins for 2 people and 10 cabins for up to 4 people).The location right at the foot of 12.280 ft / 3.743 metres high volcano Mount Adams explains the Getaway’s name.

Getaway Portland, located at the foot of volcano Mount Adam, Washington State
Getaway Portland

As in every Getaway each cabin is lovingly named after the grandparents of Getaway House team members and guests – which gives the concept some a very individual character by location. We stayed at Outpost “Helen” for 2 nights, one of the 2-person cabins.

Getaway House's named after grandparents of team members

Getaway House Portland Amenities

Like all Outposts, Getaway Mount Adams is stocked with everything you need and nothing you don’t for a smooth and relaxed outdoor adventure. Everything is presented in a minimalist decor with lots of love for details. Just bringing your personal belongings will do, everything else is taken care of, without having to sacrifice on stylish interior or modern convenience. What makes the Getaway House absolutely special and unique is the huge panorama window that doesn’t only let a lot of natural light into the cabin, but is literally your window to the woods. Instead of unzipping your tent, you can enjoy the first sunrays sneaking through the trees while you are still snuggled up in the fluffy pillows and soft bedding.

Getaway Mount Adams waking up in nature

Every Getaway cabin is equipped with:

  • 1 queen bed (cabin for 2) / 2 lofted queens (cabin for 4) next to panorama window
  • AC and heat regulator
  • electrical outlets
  • private bathroom with toilet and hot shower, biodegradable body wash & shampoo
  • running (drinking) water, towels and toilet paper
  • two-burner stove
  • small fridge
  • pot & pan, kettle, silver and dishware
  • simple provisions like pasta, soup, oatmeal, coffee and snacks for purchase
  • books, boardgames, radio
Getaway House kitchen amenities
Getaway House kitchenette
Getaway House dishware
Getaway House amenities
Getaway House private bathroom
Getawa House private bath with hot shower
Getaway House biodegradable body wash & shampoo

Outdoor space

Every Getaway cabin comes with a private outdoor space settled in nature, a fire pit and grill grate, two wooden chairs and a picnic table. So you definitely get the outdoorsy camping feeling you are longing for. Just with the amenity of sleeping in a comfortable bed and having your private toilet and hot shower.

Getawa House outdoor area with fire pit and picnic table

No reception, no WiFi – Space to unwind

Besides the fact that there is very limited (actually no) cell phone reception in the area, your Getaway House – consciously – won’t offer WiFi neither. Instead, a cell phone lockbox is provided, inviting you to lock away your mobile devices to fully disconnect and unwind without getting distracted.

Getaway House cellphone lockbox

Safety first

No worries: For emergencies you’ll find emergency phones in the Outpost area. Plus: Each cabin is equipped with a landline phone. If you have any concerns or need to contact the Getaway staff, you can reach out to their field team.

Getaway House tiy cabins in the woods
Getaway House rules

Packing list for a romantic Getaway near Portland

Clothes and personal belongings

I would recommend to pack light and leave everything behind you wouldn’t necessarily bring on a camping trip – where you simply want to sit outside in the evening, go for a hike during the day and maybe swim in a lake or river during summer. Means: Bring clothes and your personal cosmetics, but nothing else.

Getawa House unplug and disconnect

Food and drinks

As you can leave your tent, sleeping bags and camping cooking utensils at home, you can fill up the saved space with food and drinks. Even though Getaway House offers provisions for purchase, I would recommend to bring your preferred food and drinks. Thanks to the kitchenette equipped with fridge, cooking stove and dishes as well as the fire pit outside, sky’s the limit in terms of preparing a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. So why not taking the chance to cook something extraordinary you would never consider during a normal camping trip?

Getaway House provisions and Snacks
Getaway Portland outdoor breakfast
Getaway House breakfast table

Fire wood and charcoal

Getaway also sells firewood and charcoal. But you can bring your own as well. Just be aware that Gifford Pinchot National Forest is mostly under fire burn ban during summer months, which doesn’t allow you to make a real camp fire. But depending on the conditions you can still BBQ with charcoal.

Getaway Portland from above

What to do at Getaway Mount Adams?

Unfortunately there are no hiking trails directly starting at the Outpost, beside the 1-mile/1,6 km long nature path. But as you’ll anyways need a car to get to your cabin, it doesn’t really matter. As there are a lot of outdoor opportunities within driving distance for a day trip.

Getaway Mount Adams nature path

Depending on where you come from, your options to explore the natural surroundings of Getaway Mount Adams are diverse. If you are travelling through the Pacific Northwest and stay at Getaway on your PNW-roadtrip, it might be worth exploring the Columbia River Gorge (one of Oregon’s 7 Wonders). The Gorge with its breathtaking viewpoints, countless waterfalls and hiking trails waits for you about 1 hour South of Getaway House. It offers countless opportunities on the Oregon and Washington banks of the Columbia River. The same amount of travel time up North takes you into Mount Adams Wilderness with gorgeous mountain views, hiking trails and lakes. With its 3.743 metres / 12.280 feet Mount Adams volcano actually is Washington’s second highest peak.

Mount Adams Wilderness, Washington, USA

If you live in Portland and treat yourself with a weekend getaway from the city you might wanna focus a bit more on the direct surroundings of your Getaway and explore the trails known less in that area as you can always do the Columbia River Gorge exploration easily via daytrip from Portland.

Activities closeby Getaway Portland

Willard Springs Trail

This easy 3.8 km / 2 miles loop in Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge is the closest trail to Getaway Mount Adams (15 minutes by car). The walk takes you around Conboy Lake and you’ll walk half the way through shaded forest and the other half over meadows. Watch out for birds and other wildlife. Elks or even bears might cross your path. 🙂 But don’t get confused when trying to actually spot the lake. Conboy Lake is only visible during springtime. In summer it’s overgrown and in winter covered with snow.

Guler Ice Cave

Before staying at Getaway Portland I had never heard of Guler Ice Cave to be perfectly honest. But I ended up finding it really fascinating. Located in the middle of Gifford Pinchot National Forest this cave offers underground ice formations and tubes that are a result of lava flows. Make sure to bring warm clothes (even in summer) and a headlight, if you plan exploring the cave.

Guler Ice Cave, Giffort Pinchot National Forest, Washington, USA

Natural Bridges – trail along natural bridges, created by collapsed lava

Goose Lake

If you want to combine your Getaway in the woods with a day spent by the water, Goose Lake is your closest option. It’s fed by several streams and was dammed by lava flows from Big Lava Bed. Goose Lake is popular for fishing, floating and offers a boat ramp and a simple campground. The unpaved road is usually only free of snow by late June. So don’t expect too hot temperatures, even during summer.

Goose Lake, Giffort Pinchot National Forest, Washington, USA
Goose Lake, Giffort Pinchot National Forest, Washington, USA
Goose Lake, Giffort Pinchot National Forest, Washington, USA

Panther Creek Falls – 30 metres long waterfall in Wind River Valley. A short in and out trail takes you to the viewing platform

You can actually combine the Guler Ice Cave, Natural Bridges, Goose Lake and Panther Creek Falls conveniently in a day trip from your cabin, as all sights are located off Forest Road 60 (Carson Guler Road) and Forest Road 65.

Backwoods Brewing Company, Carson

If you decide to make it all the way down to Carson (located at the Columbia River Gorge), the Backwoods Brewing Company is definitely worth a stop. The family-owned and local-operated craft brewery offers delicious pizza, sandwiches and their very own selection of beers of course.

Backwoods Brewing Company Carson, Washington

Also caught the ‚cabin-fever‘ and want to get-away from your city?

Reservations through Getaway House are made easily. You don’t need to plan much ahead as the Getaway website offers many useful articles in their journal-section, featuring a packing list, amenities, location and activities around your Outpost. They’ll also send you a reminder with your dates, check-in and check-out-times and remind you to download offline maps as well as the Outpost map. So you can conveniently find the way to your Getaway and your private Outpost. After arrival you simply unlock your cabin with the lock code Getaway has sent you in the morning of your arrival day. With this secure and easy check-in process you don’t have to worry how to get your keys safely, or being in touch with other people in general. Especially in current times of social distancing this concept works out perfectly. Getaway House also has special cleaning procedures in place in response to Covid-19, which you can find on their website.

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Getaway House Drohnenaufnahme



We were invited by Getaway House to stay at Getaway Mount Adams.
As all articles on this blog, this review only reflects my personal impressions and opinion.



Have you ever been to Washington State and have reccommendations for accommodation or general travel tipps? Leave me a comment! Do you like the article, or still have any suggestions, feedback or recommendations? I am happy to read what you are thiking! If you like my content, please feel free to share this article with your friends!



Getaway Portland: Glamping in the woods of the Pacific Northwest

Getaway House Mount Adams

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  1. This looks like a dream nature oasis! I used to live in Portland and love the area with every outdoor activity you can think of especially the hiking. I love how it has everything you need but the remoteness of camping. I might need to stay here the next time I’m back in Portland for a visit!

    1. Oh yes, you should definitely give it a try! It’s a lovely place and gives you all the opportunities to unplug and recharge. I loved it there.

  2. My friends did this and I really wasn’t to do it now too. I think I’m definitely at the glamping stage of my life now, I could happily spend a long weekend here with a book

    1. It’s the perfect spot to dive into the nature without having to miss out any comfort. I do love camping, but from time to time it’s also really nice to taste the great outdoors and enjoy amenities of a fully equipped cabin. I slept so well in that bed and waking up with the trees around me really made my day.

    1. Oh yes, it’s definitely relaxing and unwinding. Everything is so quiet and you don’t have to worry about finding a camping spot, pitching your tent, how to get away from the mosquitos while cooking etc. The cabin has it all: te taste of outdoors, comfort and space to unwind.

    1. Oh yes they are! The concept is perfect for everyone who wants be be outdoors and enjoy nature and at the same time doesn’t want to miss out any comfort and convenience. Your should definitely give it a try. There are 12 Outpots across the US so far. So you have the choice where to escape from…

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