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I am Stefanie, my passion is my passport and travelling makes me smile since I have started exploring the world on my own back in 2007. Since then I have visited almost 40 countries and counting. As a travel enthusiast with a big love for writing and photography, my mission is to share my experiences, individual travel tips and personal insights combined with eye-catching pictures on my Blog and Instagram (German & English). Born in Thuringia,(Germany), I have lived in Würzburg, Cape Town, Frankfurt and Nuremberg. Now Shanghai (China) has become my new travel hub since the beginning of 2018. Just click to find out more about my person, the blog and my references.

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Sumo Tournament Nagoya, Japan
Berlin Off Limits – Canon Deutschland

The best Urban Hikes in Portland, Oregon

St. Johns Bridge von oben, Ridge Trail Portland
Thanks to huge recreational areas like Forest Park, Washington Park, more than 150 developed city parks, tree-lined streets as well as the river banks of Willamette and Columbia River – Portland, Oregon is one of the greenest cities in the US. No doubt that urban hikes have to be an essential part of every Portland itinerary.
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Portland Japanese Garden
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A Japanese inspired day in Portland, Oregon

Separated by thousands of miles by the Pacific Ocean Portland, Oregon, and Tokyo, Japan, have more in common than you might think. Mount Hood and Mount Fuji, Portland Japanese Garden and many Japanese restaurants and cafés make it easy to travel in time and space and spend a Japanese inspired day in Portland, Oregon
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